Welcome to NZDF Training

If you have access to DIXS when you are on site or via RAS, please the training via the Learning Management System (LMS) available on the ILP. If you do not have access to DIXS, you can access the training packages via the links provided below. Note that only training completed on LMS will be recorded.

Please make your selection from the Training packages:

SAP HCM Training (including Talent Management)

The new online Talent Management System for NZDF is now operational, replacing a multitude of Service-specific and civilian performance management reporting documents. This site includes education, training, and additional information about this system to help you participate in your career development, grow and develop for the future.

COI Training

Welcome to the training for Courts of Inquiry. Please note that only training completed on LMS will be recorded. This content is provided for your reference.


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