NZDF Talent Management System

Welcome to the training for the NZDF Talent Management System. This training is designed to be delivered "Just-in-Time" (JIT) to ensure that NZDF personnel have the knowledge and skills they need when they need to use it. So, you should take the training about PDR Planning when you are about to do the planning phase of your PDR. Reach out to your Commander/Manager if you need information about when you should take this training - or refer to the available education material that you may have already received. A good source of general information is the HRMIS Booklet, The Future of NZDF Talent Management and you can hear directly from CDF about the importance of this new system in this video.

If you have access to DIXS when you are on site or via RAS, please complete the training via the Learning Management System (LMS) available on the ILP.  If you do not have access to DIXS, you can access the online training courses via the links provided below.

The online training courses that all NZDF personnel should complete are:

Additionally, the online training courses that Commanders/Managers should complete are:

There are also numerous resources available on the HR Toolkit if you can access DIXS. If you do not have access to DIXS, talk to your Commander/Manager about how to gain access to these materials, including: PDR User Guide, Sample PDR (Military) and PDR Status Flow.

Online courses introducing employee and manager self service and timesheet entries are also available to anyone who is not already familiar with the NZDF HR system (SAP HCM):

If you are not already familiar with SAP HCM, you should take the ESS, MSS and timesheet courses before you complete the Talent Management courses listed above.

Please note that these training modules are in Adobe Flash and may not play on all devices. For more information, review how to view flash content on an Android or iPad.

If you need to complete more than one course, we recommend that you open each course in a new tab, by “right clicking” on the link and selecting “Open in new tab or window.” The completion of the course closes the browser and does not return you to the homepage.

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